De Core, Lisa - Principal
French, Nora - Elementary Vice Principal
Gill, Tom - President
Hagerty, John - Advancement Director
Skrha, Pattie - Enrollment Director
Thomas, Barbee - Director of Information Systems

Early Childhood

Alana Ortiz - Montessori Instructional Aide
Babcock, Julie - Pre-K Teacher
Bonvissuto, Allison - Pre-K Teacher
Castro, Maritza - Kindergarten Instructional Aide
Cavanagh, Jan - Kindergarten Instructional Aide
Gonzalez, Beatriz - Pre-K Instructional Aide
Hassan, Hind - Montessori Teacher
Jungeberg, Mandy - Montessori Instructional Aide
Klosinski, Judy - Pre-K Instructional Aide
Meinecke, Karrie - Kindergarten Instructional Aide
Murtha, Jennifer - Kindergarten Teacher
Shobe, Susan - Kindergarten Teacher
Sykora, Charlotte - Kindergarten Teacher


Abernathy, Roger - Levels 4/5 Teacher
Alley, Sharon - Level 1 Instructional Aide
Bunsey, Monique - Levels 2/3 Teacher
Constantinescu, Kristen - Levels 2/3 Teacher
Cooney, Beth - Levels 4/5 Teacher
Donat, Leticia - Levels 4/5 Instructional Aide
Feckner, Angel - Levels 2/3 Instructional Aide
Gibbons, Kate - Levels 2/3 Instructional Aide
Gill, Shannon - Levels 4/5 Teacher
Harpring, Christine - Level 1 Teacher
Jupina, Heather - Levels 4/5 Teacher
Karakul, Kirsten - Levels 2/3 Teacher
Klypchak, Debbie - Level 1 Instructional Aide
LiBran, Sarah - Levels 2/3 Instructional Aide
Makar, Shelly - Level 1 Instructional Aide
McIntyre, Megan - Levels 4/5 Teacher
Moran, Emily - Levels 2/3 Teacher
Munoz, Florence - Levels 4/5 Instructional Aide
Narten, Andrew - Levels 2/3 Teacher
Nolan, Suzanne - Levels 2/3 Instructional Aide
Pestak, Leland - Levels 4/5 Instructional Aide
Reyes, Danilys - Levels 2/3 Instructional Aide
Reyes, Vermary - Level 1 Teacher
Richlovsky, Jill - Levels 4/5 Instructional Aide
Torres, Enaida - Levels 4/5 Instructional Aide
Triscari, Jessica - Level 1 Teacher

Middle School

Chounet, Stephanie - Middle School Math Teacher
Clough, Abbey - Middle School Advisory & Academy Instructor
Counihan, Kim - Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Gannon, Cynthia - Middle School Instructional Aide
Grooms-Massa, Michele - Middle School Language Arts Teacher
Hough, Leah - Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Kuhl, Courtney - Middle School Instructional Aide
LiBran, Debbie - Middle School Instructional Aide
LoGrasso, Sr. Beverly - Academic Tutor
Reagan, Ellie - Middle School Science Teacher
Tompkins, Thomas - Middle School Math Teacher
Witmer, Iris - Middle School Science Teacher
Zabukovec, Gary - Middle School Math Tutor

We know our kids.

Children reading

Special Classes

Allard, Elizabeth - Library Teacher
Friedel, Sue - Physical Education Teacher
Green, Mary - Art Teacher
McGlaughlin, Catherine - Music Teacher
Traud, Brandon - Healthy Lifestyles Teacher
Victoria, Johanna - Spanish Teacher (Elementary)
Whitmore, Brenda - Spanish Teacher (MS)

School Staff

Bias, Shelly - Health Aide (M,Th,F)
Brown, Toni - School Nurse (T,W)
Cassell, Charles - After Hours Front Desk/Maintenance
Clemens, Jackie - Middle School Afterschool Program (ODA)
Conkey, Sr. Mary Kay - Guidance Counselor
De Core, Lisa - Principal
Duchene, Cindy - School Secretary
Dunn, Maureen - Food Service
Fernandez, Marge - Fiscal Liaison
Flenory, Henry - Maintenance - PM
French, Nora - Elementary Vice Principal
Hric, Sue - School Secretary (M,T,W)
Kane, Lisa - School Secretary (Th,F)
Kelly Jester - Title I Teacher
Kelly, Rose - Speech Therapist (W,Th)
Melendez, Ester - After School Program Director
Noormal, Mohammad - Maintenance - AM
O'Driscoll, Sean - Title I Teacher
Owen, Sr. Martha - Accreditation
Peric, Milka - Tuition/Vouchers
Ruddy, Dennis - Bus Driver
Skrha, Pattie - Enrollment Director
Thomas, Barbee - Director of Information Systems
Tipton, Chris - Athletics & Engagement Coordinator
Vahey, Lisa - Literacy Support
Willis, Dameyon - Middle School Afterschool Program

Development Staff

Castillo, Silvia - Business Manager
Doyle, Maureen - Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Greenberg, Kathryn - Development & Grants Manager
Griffin, Louella (Lou) - Development Office Assistant (Th, F)
Hagerty, John - Advancement Director
Mitchell, Alyssa - Administrative Assistant
Terrell, Sr. Rose Elizabeth - Community Partnership Coordinator

Happy Retirement Agnes Dubray!

Happy Retirement Agnes Dubray!

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UCS Alumni Start Successful Business

UCS alumni Alex Nosse and Renato Pereira-Castillo have lived all over. But when these young entrepreneurs were ready to start their own business, they chose to return to their roots—Cleveland, Ohio.


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