Faith-based identity

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UCS begins accepting students for the Montessori preschool program at age three. Other common points of entry are Pre-Kindergarten (age 4) and Kindergarten (age 5). Students transferring to grades 1 - 7 from other elementary schools are handled on a case-by-case basis. We do not admit new students in grade 8.

Admission for all students includes a review of the following factors: academic readiness, brothers and sisters of current students, economic need, neighborhood and parish membership. All students are accepted for a probationary period.

The UCS educational program is designed to meet the needs of children whose measured intelligence is within the average range. All decisions regarding children with special needs are made on an individual basis depending on the child.

If interested in Urban, your first step is to place your child's name on our inquiry list. For this, and to discuss the process in more detail, please contact our Enrollment Director, Mrs. Patricia Rossman Skrha, at 216-939-8330, ext 145, or