Creating opportunity

Group of Students

Because UCS is committed to providing an affordable quality education to those children who need it the most, financial aid is individualized, just like the curriculum. Administrators use information obtained through an income verification process to help establish appropriate financial aid. Each family's circumstances are taken into consideration when making financial aid decisions. UCS also gladly accepts vouchers from the Cleveland Scholarship Program (CSP).

For most school years, tuition (approximately $7,200 per child per year) is expected to garner 10% of UCS's $3.1 million in operating expenses. Support from individuals, foundations, corporations and organizations will account for just over $1 million. The remainder of the budget will be covered by parent fundraising, investment income and vouchers. This support is essential for Urban Community School to remain a model of education and to continue providing UCS students with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead fulfilling lives.