Modern & welcoming

Child using iPad

The Carolyn Heller Elementary School Building and
The Thomas Jeckering Middle School Building

Urban Community School's buildings provide our students with modern, open, colorful and environmentally friendly spaces to enhance our students' learning capabilities. Our building was constructed using green building elements, including low VOC materials and coatings, while incorporating generous amounts of natural light to our learning environment. Each classroom is handicapped accessible and benefits from the latest in modern sanitary and safety designs.

Classroom Setting

Our approach focuses on individualized learning. With the incorporation of small classrooms, our teachers and teacher's aids strive to understand each child's needs. Because of smaller classrooms, it gives our students the opportunity to work in small groups; learning how to work with one another while also establishing social skills.

Technology in the Classroom

As part of our ongoing effort to offer our students the best and most modern learning tools, UCS encourages all grades to utilize technology in the classroom. Each classroom is equipped with desktop computers, SMART boards and digital tablets, ensuring that students learn from different learning tools. By investing in these devices, it will ensure that our students excel in various ways.

All Are Welcome

UCS believes that diversity is a key element to its success. We welcome children and faculty from all races, religions, cultures, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds to our school. We suggest that this uniquely diverse, multicultural learning setting provides the best environment for children to learn both academically and socially. Through this immersion in diversity, students learn how to view the world through a broader lens, discover the importance of embracing others who are different and develop the social skills necessary to become compassionate men and women.

Other enhancements include:

  • Cargil Deicing Elementary Science Lab
  • Conway Family Gathering Room
  • Ingall's Foundation Center for the Arts
  • McBride Family Gymnasium
  • Michael & Liz Symon Student Commons
  • Sullivan Library
  • The David P. O'Neill Family Early Childhood Center
  • UCS Learning Garden
  • UCS/KaBoom Learning Play Space
  • William Litzler & Family Science Lab