Urban Community School Receives $22,000 Donation from Cargill, Incorporated

March 09th, 2012

Urban Community School (UCS) students may not be dissecting real frogs in future lessons. Instead, they will learn frog anatomy through virtual lessons using an interactive Promethean ActivBoard along with 12 new MacBook® computers. UCS’s use of this exciting new technology was made possible through a generous $22,000 donation from Cargill, Incorporated and will help bring Urban Community School’s science lab into the 21st century, dramatically changing how fifth through eighth grade students experience biology lessons as well as physics, astronomy, and other sciences.

“UCS is dedicated to providing a premier individualized education to our students, most of whom come from more economically challenged neighborhoods on Cleveland’s near west side,” said Sister Maureen Doyle, director of Urban Community School. “It is important that our students be exposed to the latest in technology, and we’re very grateful to Cargill for investing in our students and providing them with state-of-the-art computers and digital tools that will open up a world of opportunities for them later on in life.”

Irv Williamson, assistant BU sales manager of Cargill Deicing Technology, sees UCS as an excellent fit for Cargill’s corporate giving. “One of the key aspects of Cargill’s corporate giving program is developing partnerships with local communities who provide long-term solutions in areas such as education,” he said. “We chose UCS because of their successful evidence-based approach to education and their close proximity to our mine.”

The ActivBoard is the blackboard of the future. It allows teachers and students to integrate software, photos, writing, drawing, and more into one dynamic visual setting in the classroom. The ActivBoard will help Miss Amanda Leigh, a middle school teacher for UCS, simplify lesson planning and creatively leverage resources and allow students to participate more directly and actively with digital content. She says the ActivBoard is an “excellent tool to prepare her students to become more technologically savvy and well-prepared for 21st century learning.”

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