Reaching full potential

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The curriculum at UCS is differentiated. This means that UCS is focused on supporting and encouraging every student in reaching his or her full potential at his or her own pace.

UCS's faculty employs a layered curriculum in which all students in a classroom study a particular topic. The layered curriculum offers students of varying abilities the opportunity to navigate through the subject matter at his/her own pace and to obtain the greatest level of comprehension.

UCS's curriculum meets all the standards of the Ohio Board of Education, as well as the Diocese of Cleveland. UCS also is fully accredited (pdf of certificate) by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association (OCSAA). Every six years, UCS completes a comprehensive re-accreditation process with an emphasis on continuous improvement through an ongoing evaluation, accountability, and enrichment. During assessment, UCS must develop at least one goal that will lead the school toward improved student performance and one goal that will focus the school's attention on its Catholic identity and mission.