Support Us Volunteer

UCS is fortunate to have a dedicated and loving group of volunteers, and we are grateful for the parents and other members of our community who share their time, knowledge, and abilities with our students. Each volunteer brings new energies and resources into the school and expands the walls of the classrooms.

UCS has a variety of volunteer opportunities available, both in and out of the classroom. If you are interested in assisting in one or more of the following ways, please contact us. Some of our volunteer opportunities include:


  • Library Aides
  • Tutors
  • Sports team coaches
  • Academic competition advisors
  • Student mentors
  • Career mentors
  • Classroom speakers
  • Clerical aides
  • Classroom aides
  • Music, art and physical education aides
  • Performing arts volunteers
  • Lunchroom and recess aides
  • Field trip chaperones


  • Filing
  • Mailings
  • Office help

Events (benefit & Alumni)

  • Auction item solicitation
  • Event planning
  • Funding solicitation

Organizational & Development

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Fundraising

If you're interested in volunteering at Urban and would like to help, please contact John Hagerty at 216-939-8441 or