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UCS Success Story

UCS Alumni Alma Diaz recalls entering the school for the first time, being wowed by the colorful classrooms, and feeling special, “like I was going to be a celebrity for the rest of my life..."


Urban Community School provides primarily low-income children from Cleveland's near west side with an individualized, innovative, and challenging education. Founded and sponsored by the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland, UCS is an ecumenical school in the Catholic tradition.

Elevating Individual Achievement

We treat each student as an individual, constantly assessing their development and gearing their education to address their unique personalities, abilities, challenges, & potential.

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Celebrating Diversity

We create an academic atmosphere where faculty and students from all races, religions, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds come together to learn from one another.

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Serving Neighborhood Needs

We are dedicated to helping children from low-income homes gain access to educational opportunities otherwise beyond their reach.

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Super Star Student

When asked how she feels when she walks through the UCS doors each morning, Star Flak simply said, "I know this is where I belong."


Urban Community School Stakeholders Meeting

Urban Community School Stakeholders Meet...

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Maya Ajtun, Class of 2011, talks about what Urban

Maya Ajtun, Class of 2011, talks about w...

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The R.U.N. kicks off on Saturday, May 5th

The R.U.N. kicks off on Saturday, May 5t...

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